In the 18 years of its working, MPVSS has carved out a name for itself in gold. In the last 18 years, MPVSS through its various centers and services has crossed many milestones in the field of development of persons with disabilities. It has stuck to its promises and fulfilled them and it is backed by the achievements and recognition that the organization and its beneficiaries have achieved. It received the National Award for best NGO in 2008 and has received many awards from various other sources. The main aim of the organization is to bring about a change in the mindset of the person with disability, their family, and the society at large so that these people get an equal and fair opportunity to participate and be of productive nature in the economic and social well being of the society. They aim to build the capacity of these people so that they become competent and self reliant so as to rehabilitate themselves economically and socially in the society. They look up to early identification and intervention of disabilities to prevent them and make sure they do not let anyone be a laggard in the societal development. All of these aims have been accomplished and continue to do so which is seen in the thousands of successful cases that the organization has given to the society. The Samiti has become a resource center for benefiting the aspiring individuals and organizations who look forward to contributing in the field.

The direct beneficiaries have acquired several skills through basic and vocational training as well as benefits of therapy. This facilitated their independence in self care, social adaptability, functional academics, recreation, pre-vocational and vocational skills. As a result, most of the adult trainees are ready for rehabilitation. As a matter of fact, some vocationally trained persons are successfully rehabilitated in different jobs. These people are employed in jobs like cycle repairing, office attendants, screen printing, agriculture, computer operators, watchmen, etc. The therapies helped them improve physically and functionally including multi-sensory improvements and control over ADHD, behavioral problems, etc.The efforts of the students are duly recognized by the society. Thousands of candles, notebooks, office files made by these students have been sold in the district. Some organizations have partnered with the NGO for continuous supply of office stationery.All the beneficiaries are availing the benefits of one or the other welfare/social security schemes of the government.The sports and cultural training has enabled them to participate and win several accolades in these fields at national and international levels. This proved the worth of training and their ability. Participation has made them more socially adaptable, independent and confident. Such success stories boost up the morale of participants and their families.The affected families have also been benefited by the outcomes of our efforts. The improvement in condition of their ward(s) has brought about positive change in the mindset of family members which will have far reaching effects.The success stories of our beneficiaries and their adapted social behavior has an impact on societal behavior as well. The community has stopped neglecting these people and hopefully in near future, it will accept them and provide them equal opportunities.The organization has fulfilled the duties on its part which is to train the persons with disabilities and make them competent and self reliant. It now hopes that the society plays its role of the opportunity giver to these people so that they can prove their worth to the society and become responsible active contributors to the developmental process.