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  • An inclusive Society in which Persons with disability will enjoy equal rights, opportunities and participation.


  • To create a conducive atmosphere for the holistic development of persons with disability and mainstreaming them with the society.
      • To bring about attitudinal changes in the person with disability, in the family members and the society.
      • To build the capacity of the Persons with Disability for enhancing their competence and making them self-reliant.
      • To Promote and facilitate the rehabilitation of Persons with Disability.
      • To prevent disabilities and minimize the consequences of Disability through early identification and intervention.
      • To Develop MPVSS as a national level resource agency with all facilities and recognition.
        • Respecting the dignity of all without discrimination
        • Respecting the rights of all.
        • Inclusive love.
        • Positive thinking.
        • Collaboration and networking with the government and other like- minded organizations.
        • Building the capacity of Persons with Disability to assert their rights and access the government schemes.

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