Sponsor A Child For His / Her Special Education…


Help a Child With Intellectual Disability For His / Her Special Education.

Full Support Rs. 5000/- Per month
Partial Supprort Rs. 200 ,500 ,1000 and any Other..


Will You Help Us

Your contribution can brighten the life of a child with intellectual and development disabilities.
You can send your contribution directly on the following Bank Account.


Donation to the Organization are Exempted u/s 80 G of Income Tax Act.
( सहयोग राशि पर आयकर अधिनियम की धारा 80 G के अंतर्गत कर में छूट )

How Can You Help UsBank Account Details
We depend on individual, collective and corporate institutional support along with seeking government support to create an inclusive society in which persons with disabilities will enjoy equal rights, opportunities and participation. We aim to achieve our vision through our various activities and programs and hence look up to the society at large to help us make an inclusive society. You can make a difference by:

  • Financially supporting us and providing with supplies for:
    • Special schools’ needs.
    • Therapeutic services and equipments
    • Vocational training and rehabilitation – equipments, raw material and marketing support. buying our products.
    • Aids and appliances (assistive devices) for PwD/ CWSN.
  • Sponsorships for:
    • Students’ special education and training.
    • Vocational training for adult PwDs
    • Medical needs – therapies and medicines.
    • Events and programs.
    • Commutation for students.
    • Respite care services.
    • Staff salary(s).
    • Extension, maintenance, and construction of new and existing premises/ campus (development of infrastructure).
  • Join our voluntary group.
  • Render expertise in services at concessional rate or free of cost.
  • Support through your CSR scheme.
  • Sharing your resources with us.

Non FCRA Account:

Bank Name Bank of India
Branch name Dashehra Maidan, Ujjain
Account Number 910310100007775
Name of Account (Cheque to be made in the name of) M.P. Viklang Sahayta Samiti

FCRA Bank Account

Bank Name Canara Bank
Branch name Daulatganj, Ujjain
Branch name Daulatganj, Ujjain
Account Number 0296101011120
Name of Account (Cheque to be made in the name of) CNRB0000296